Guido has Swiss heritage and works and lives with Amy in Seattle, USA.

The first contact request came through his brother, who was looking for a wedding photographer willing to do go beyond the normal boring photos. They wanted spontaneous, authentic and natural looking wedding photos.

In order to discuss further details, I arranged a Skype call with Amy & Guido and we got along from the first moment. One week ahead of the wedding we met in real life and went through the schedule for the big day.

The ceremony was held in two languages in the St. Verena Church in Risch. After an abundant cocktail at the Waldheim Hotel in Risch, we went on to Vitznau, where we took the Rigibahn cablecar up to the Kulm Hotel.

In the evening a heavy storm started approaching. The photos at sundown were very challenging time-wise, as we only had at most seven minutes before the storm reached us.